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Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Network Cables

If you have moved to a new home, then you may be thinking about the installation of network cables as the first task to undertake. It is a good idea to look at common mistakes people make when they install network cables. In this way, you can avoid doing those mistakes.

Using separate cables for data and voice

network cabling 5t1aThis is one of the common mistakes that are made by people carrying out network cabling in buildings. In the past, twisted cabling was quite expensive, and people opted to install different cabling for both. Nowadays, cabling is not expensive. Latest phone systems need data-level cabling. This means that you do not have a choice but choose the right cabling which supports both. Not taking into account about the possibility of installing these systems in future is another serious mistake.

Compromising with quality

Remember that network connection is not temporary. With these advancements, it will be a serious mistake to choose cheapest and basic cables available. Even if it is not a must to choose high-end cables, it is a good idea to choose quality Ethernet cables that can facilitate robust connection. For example, you may be in need of 20 Gbps right now, but in the future, you want 100 Mbps.

Cabling parallel to the electric cables

When you install networking cables parallel to the electric ones, you will disturb magnetic field of cables, and this can cause serious disruptions. Moreover, you may end up losing the transmission at certain times or even slow down communication. Therefore, you need to choose the right cable path rather than going randomly.

Cutting cables too long/short

You should avoid wastage of cables at all costs. You do not need cables that overstretch to get to their destination. Therefore, you should carry out exact measurements of the connections and add some inches for ease. Long cables can also be a serious problem. Every cable has its capacity. Therefore, if you choose lengths that are longer as compared to their competence, you are likely to face frequent and slower disruptive connections. Thus, you should take into account distance limitations.

The above are some mistakes that are committed when installing networking cables. It is a good idea to hire experts to carry out the installation work. Although it might be time-consuming, it will save you a lot on future maintenance issues. Never go on with a poor installation. Plan well in advance to ensure your cables come in handy in the long run.…